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Custom Door Options

Customize your Storage Containers

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Custom Patented Sliding Doors

Our Sliding Doors offer the security of a cargo door and the accesibility of a Roll-Up door. The Sliding doors can customized to fit any size container and can be place in multiple locations.

Each Sliding Door comes installed with up to two steel lock boxes for superior security.

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Roll-Up Doors

One of our smaller Custom Modular Storage Solutions are our Sliding Door Units. The sliding doors decrease the need for extra space of a outward swing door. Each sliding door comes with a steel lock box for superior security.

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Cargo Doors

We can place a steel cargo door on both ends of your modular storage unit for accesibilty from both sides. These doors offer execpetional security. Each cargo door can be fitted with up to two custom steel lock boxes.

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Steel and Wood Man Doors

Our other two doors are regular man doors that come in either wood or corrugated steel. These doors can be placed where you need them to fit the jobsite or facility where they will be utilized.

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